Custom Door Sign
Door signs can be engraved in brass or printed on tough, durable 80-mil aluminum, plastic, vinyl or leather – you’re only limited by your imagination.

Why customize door signs?

A door is the ultimate behavioral cue. Evolutionary psychologists tell us that we sleep better when we’re facing doors from a distance. Psychological studies (for example, Tu and Loftness 1998) have shown that workers work better when they can adjust their environments, and one critical form of adjustment is the ability to open and close doors. People tend to walk through doors marked with signs that are designated for their gender, even when there’s no connection between gender and the door. Doors have such a profound effect on human psychology that we become forgetful just after we’ve walked through one.

Labeling doors so that people know what to expect is both a courtesy for a business, and vital in places like school, planes, and hospitals. Imagine an orderly trying to transport a medical patient into surgery without any idea which door the surgeon might be behind!

Doors are important for privacy, but custom door signs are just as important as ways of differentiating one area from another, giving people a new mindset as they move through space, and as another way to brand an area, reminding visitors and clients why they’re there.

Customized door signs are also important for helping people with certain disabilities – people with dementia often lose the ability to mentally map their surroundings and read signs, for example, so customized pictograms and symbols can make the difference between a lost patient and one who knows just where they’re going.
Customized Door Signs
Nice place, but the sign budget went into the carpet.

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