Custom Door Sign
Door signs can be engraved in brass or printed on tough, durable 80-mil aluminum, plastic, vinyl or leather �you’re only limited by your imagination.

Making a statement with custom door signs

There are dozens of templates for door signs, so they don’t need to be boring. Door signs can be manufactured almost any material (though as always, some are sturdier than others) �and the only limits are your own with and imagination. Although door signs are commonly seen made from durable materials like aluminum and sturdy plastic, other materials are widely available, from leather to paper to wood.

Since people often hang their signs after the rest of their property is finished, color can also be an important consideration �try to accent your doors with a sign that doesn’t clash with the color scheme you’ve already chosen. (There are plenty of tools online to help you with this �we like Color Scheme Designer.)

But these relatively minor customizations pale in comparison to what is possible. Your child could have her own drawing embossed on a leather door sign �or she could have a sign that says “Palace of the Princess.�

Door Signs Template
Wooden Door Signs Plastic Door Sign
Each of these door signs complements a different wall color. We certainly never said these signs would work well together
A classroom could have a door sign that says “Quiet �learning in progress�(and as any teacher
knows, it’s little things like this that set the tone). Your college-age child in law school could have
a custom door sign that says “Supreme Court Justice Jane Doe.�
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